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Hollywood Studio System Collection (1913-1948)

The American film studios have dominated the domestic and international film markets since the late-1910s. The major studios, such as Paramount and Fox, were vertically integrated–controlling production, distribution, and exhibition.

The corporate headquarters were located in New York, but the production divisions operated on the West Coast. The name “Hollywood” is now associated with the entire studio system and the memorable films the system produced.

The periodicals in this collection chart the studio system during its rise, the transition to sound, and Great Depression years. The periodicals present a variety of points of view within the industry, from the production-oriented Hollywood Reporter to the exhibitor-oriented publication Harrison’s Reports, a “reviewing service free from the influence of film advertising.” The cornerstone of this collection is a two decade run of The Film Daily, a leading motion picture trade paper published out of New York that reached participants involved in all aspects of the movie business. The Film Daily includes innumerable reviews of features and shorts, news reports from throughout the industry, occasional features stories, and hundreds of full-page ads.

Extensive Runs

Cine-Mundial (1916-1946)

    Description (English)

      Cine-Mundial, the Spanish-language version of Moving Picture World, was published between 1916 and 1948. The magazine documents Hollywood’s growing dominance in Latin American markets in the 1920s and the emergence of national film industries, such as those of Mexico and Argentina after the introduction of sound film. Far from being a mere translation of its English-language counterpart, Cine-Mundial focused on issues that were important to its readers in Latin American and Spain—the representation of Latin Americans on screen, the geo-politics of film distribution, and Hollywood’s short foray into Spanish-language film production in the late 1920 and early 1930s. Functioning as both trade publication and fan magazine, its regular columns that featured reports from national correspondents and letters from readers from every corner of the Spanish-speaking world provides invaluable insight into Latin American audiences and their reception of both imported and nationally or regionally produced films.

      – Laura Isabel Serna, 2013.

    Descripción (español)

      Cine Mundial, la versión en español de Moving Picture World fue publicado entre 1916 y 1948. La revista documenta el crecimiento del dominio de Hollywood en los mercados de América Latina que surgió en los años veinte tanto como el nacimiento de industrias cinematográficas nacionales como las de México y Argentina. Más que una mera traducción de su contraparte en inglés, Cine-Mundial enfocaba en asuntos de importancia para sus lectores en América Latina y España—la representación de latinos en el cine estadounidense, la economía política de la producción y distribución de películas, y las esfuerzas de Hollywood a complacer los públicos latinos, como la producción de películas en español a los finales de los años veinte y primeros años del siguiente década. Funcionó al mismo tiempo como publicación comercial y revista para aficionados del cine. Las columnas de noticias mensual escritas por corresponsales desde varias naciones y ciudades de América Latina y las cartas enviadas a la redacción desde los rincones del mundo hispano proporcionan una visión panorámica de los públicos latinos y su recepción de películas importadas, nacionales, y regionales.

      – Laura Isabel Serna, 2013.


      Cine-Mundial was scanned and sponsored by the Library of Congress Packard Campus for Audio-Visual Conservation. The 1916-1946 run accessible below is missing the following three volumes and years: vol. 4 (1919), vol. 9 (1924), and vol. 15 (1930).

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    1918. Vol 3 | Read | Download | IA Page

    1920. Vol 5 | Read | Download | IA Page

    1921. Vol 6 | Read | Download | IA Page

    1922. Vol 7 | Read | Download | IA Page

    1923. Vol 8 | Read | Download | IA Page

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    1934. Vol 19 | Read | Download | IA Page

    1935. Vol 20 | Read | Download | IA Page

    1936. Vol 21 | Read | Download | IA Page

    1937. Vol 22 | Read | Download | IA Page

    1938. Vol 23 | Read | Download | IA Page

    1939. Vol 24 | Read | Download | IA Page

    1940. Vol 25 | Read | Download | IA Page

    1941. Vol 26 | Read | Download | IA Page

    1942. Vol 27 | Read | Download | IA Page

    1943. Vol 28 | Read | Download | IA Page

    1944. Vol 29 | Read | Download | IA Page

    1945. Vol 30 | Read | Download | IA Page

    1946. Vol 31 | Read | Download | IA Page

Exhibitors Herald (1917-1924)

The Film Daily (1918-1948)

Harrison’s Reports (1929-1962)

Independent Exhibitors Film Bulletin (1934-1963)

Motion Picture Daily (1931-1960)

Motion Picture Herald (1931-1956)

Motion Picture News (1913-1930)

Motion Picture News Booking Guide (1922-29)

Showmen’s Trade Review (1939-1949)

Variety (1905-1949)

Select Holdings

20th Century-Fox Close-Ups (1937-38)

Action (20th Century-Fox, 1941-58)

The Art of Sound Pictures (1930)

The Associated First National Franchise (1921-22)

Boxoffice (1961-1963)

Camera! (1920-22)

Cinema Progress (1935-1939)

The Cinema News and Property Gazette (1922-1946)

Dramatic Mirror (1922)

Exhibitors Herald and Moving Picture World (1928)

Exhibitors Herald World (1929-1930)

Exhibitors Trade Review (1921-1926)

Film Follies (Christie Film Company, 1922-24)

Film News (1923)

Film Spectator (1928)

Hollywood Filmograph (1929-1934)

Hollywood Reporter (1933-1934)

Hollywood Vagabond (1927)

The Life and Adventures of Carl Laemmle (1931)

Newsreel Man (1931)

Mensajero Paramount (1927-1938)

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Short Story (1937-1941)

Motion Picture Art Portfolio (1927)

The Motion Picture Director (1925-26)

The Motion Picture and the Family (1934-1938)

The Motion Picture Industry as a Basis for Bond Financing (1927)

The Motion Picture Review (1926)

Motion Picture Review Digest (1936-1939)

Motion Picture Studio Insider (1937)

Motion Picture Theater Management (1927)

Paramount’s 20th Birthday Jubilee (1931)

Paramount Service (1924)

Paramount World (1958-62)

The Screen Writer (1945-1948)

Studio Skeleton (Goldwyn Studios, 1919-1920)

Talking Picture Magazine (1929-34)

Talking Screen (1930)

The Truth About the Movies, by the Stars (1924)

Universal Weekly (1923-1936)

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