Film Canada Yearbook [2000]

Film Canada Yearbook

Editors: Patricia Thompson (1986-99), Deborah Tiffin (2000-07)

Film Canada Yearbook (1986-2007) was a continuation of Canadian Film Digest Year Book (1971-86), which had been edited by Patricia Thompson since 1977. She purchased the business from Nat Taylor’s Film Publications of Canada, Ltd., and reincorporated as Cine-Communications, Inc. with the new moniker. Thompson died in 1999, but in the new millennium, her director of advertising, Deborah Tiffin, took charge of the business, reincorporating as Moving Pictures Media but keeping the Film Canada Yearbook name. Tiffin’s final edition was published in 2007. She has partnered with the Canadian Picture Pioneers to preserve the archive of publications and make it accessible to researchers and the wider public. The Yearbook is the final descendant of a lineage that includes Canadian Moving Picture Digest (1917-57) and Canadian Film Weekly (1942-70), and can trace its origins to 1915’s Canadian Universal Bulletin, a single thread of ownership publishing the primary periodicals and annuals of English Canada’s film industry trade press.

– Paul Moore, March 2024

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