Variety [November 1907]

Founded in 1905 by Sime Silverman, Variety is the best known and most important trade paper in the history of American entertainment. Variety began as a New York weekly publication covering vaudeville, however, its scope expanded over time to include legitimate theatre, burlesque, motion pictures, radio, and television (transitions that the MHDL will eventually document within this record). In 1933, Daily Variety was launched in Los Angeles to offer in-depth coverage of the motion picture industry and serve as a competitor to The Hollywood Reporter, which was founded 'on the Coast' in 1930. In March 2013, Variety's owner ended the print edition of Daily Variety, though as of this writing, the weekly publication and a website offering non-stop news updates still exist. Variety may ultimately be best remembered for its integration of show business slang into entertainment trade coverage. Boffo. Hokum. Quickies. Svelte. Climaxer. Tenpercenter. Coastlander. Skein. We're still feeling zowied. -- Eric Hoyt, 2013

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