Le Film [fév 1961]

Le Film

Editors: Fernand de Verneuil (1921-42), Gerald Danis (1942-51)

Le Film (1921-60) continued Le Panorama (1919-21), also edited by de Verneuil from the same publisher, Poirier, Bessette et cie. Smaller and cheaper, but featuring similar illustrated, translated stories of Hollywood stars, this Québécois fan magazine was published for many years, until at least 1960. In the 1930s, Le Film was promoted as “the only French-Canadian cinema magazine (l’unique revue de cinéma canadienne-française).” The publisher also issued Le Samedi weekly and La Revue Populaire monthly, from the same editorial team but offering general reading about popular culture.

– Louis Pelletier and Paul Moore, 2024.

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