Showmen's Trade Review [Jul-Sep 1944]

Established in 1933 by Charles 'Chick' Lewis, who previously edited the 'Manager's Round Table' section in Quigley's MOTION PICTURE HERALD. Lewis originally called his new publication SHOWMEN'S ROUND TABLE, but after a lawsuit from Quigley, he changed the title to SHOWMEN'S TRADE REVIEW (STR). Over the next two decades, STR proved to be a formidable competitor to Quigley's HERALD and steadily grew in circulation. It's easy to see why exhibitors wanted to subscribe. STR's editorial voice, reviews of features and shorts, 'Box Office Slant' tips for how to promote movies, and concise and well organized 'Booking Guides' made it a trustworthy and highly useful magazine for exhibitors. -- Eric Hoyt, 2014

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