Famous News [Mar-Apr 1982]

Famous News

Editors: Michelina Trigiani (1981), Elizabeth Pollack (1981-82), uncredited (1990-91)

Famous News (1981-91) was a bi-monthly corporate newsletter for Famous Players Canada, Ltd., reviewing promotional ideas for early 1980s blockbusters, combined with news about the latest openings of multiplexes. Famous News revived and rebranded What’s New? (1942-74) when Famous Players moved into a new headquarters on Bloor Street in Toronto. Edited by Michelina Trigiani for its first issues, then by Elizabeth Pollack, the newsletter addressed all employees as “family.” Personal milestones of local ushers and head office staff alike were celebrated in every issue, noting birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and retirements, alongside baby pictures and family snapshots.

– Paul Moore, March 2024

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