Publix Opinion [Apr 24, 1927]

Publix Opinion

Editors: John E. McInerney (1927-28), Ben Serkowich (1928-30), Robert Faber (1930-32)

Publix Opinion (1927-32) was a broadsheet house organ for Paramount-Publix Corporation sharing nationally various exhibition stunts and ideas among managers of first-run locations. Content aimed to coordinate collegial competition among local exhibition managers, furthering the standardized management style implemented by Balaban & Katz in Chicago before the merger to create Publix. The paper offered news, insights, news and ideas about new features and the studio’s productions. “Contents strictly confidential,” editor Ben Serkowich explained in a short article, “How to Use Publix Opinion” (January 17, 1930): “the paper is sent only to theatre advertising managers… It is by order of Mr. Katz that these copies are not to be cut or mutilated… They are not to be taken from the theatre.” At a couple of points, the masthead changed to mirror a seasonal sales contests (“Publix Harvester” in fall 1927, “Comin’ Thru” in spring 1928). Bound, numbered compiled folios of issues were indexed and provided to managers for reference.

– Paul Moore, March 2024

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