NAEB Newsletter [Feb-Mar 1952]

The official newsletter of the National Association of Educational Broadcasters (NAEB) -- the predecessor to NPR, PBS, the CPB. Led primarily by faculty and staff at large Midwestern universities, the NAEB envisioned uses of broadcasting to improve society and educate both children and adults. The newsletter chronicles the NAEB's activities in advocating to the FCC for educational stations to obtain greater access to the public airwaves, coordinating the distribution of educational recordings, and planning the production of ambitious programs, such as 'People Under Communism' and 'The Jeffersonian Heritage,' which starred Claude Rains as Thomas Jefferson. This newsletter was digitized as part of the 'Unlocking the Airwaves' project, a collaboration among the University of Maryland, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Wisconsin Historical Society, with funding from the NEH. -- Stephanie Sapienza & Eric Hoyt, 2019.

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