Investigation of concentration of economic power; monograph no. 1[-43] [1940]

no. 1. Price behavior and business policy -- no. 2. Families and their live insurance. A study of 2132 Massachusetts familioes and their life insurance policies -- no. 3. Who pays the taxes? -- no. 4. Concentration and composition of individual incomes, 1918-1937 -- no. 5. Industrial wage rates, labor costs and price policies -- no. 6. Export prices and export cartels (Webb-Pomerene associations) -- no. 7. Measurement of the social performance of buisness -- no. 8. Toward more housing -- no. 9. Taxation of corporate enterprise -- no. 10. Industrial concentration and tariffs -- no. 11. Bureaucracy and trusteeship in large corporations -- no. 12. Profits, productive activities and new investment -- no. 13. Relative efficiency of large, medium-sized, and small business -- no. 14. Hourly earnings of employees in large and small enterprises -- no. 15. Financial characteristics of American manufacturing corporations -- no. 16. Antitrust in action -- no. 17. Problems of small business -- no. 18. Trade association survey -- no. 19. Government purchasing-- an economic commentary -- no. 20. Taxation, recovery, and defense -- no. 21. Competition and monopoly in American industry -- no. 22. Technology in our economy -- no. 23. Agriculture and the national economy -- no. 24. Consumers standards -- no. 25. Recovery plans -- no. 26. Economic power and political pressures -- no. 27. The structure of industry -- no. 28. Study of legal reserve life insurance companies -- no. 28A. Statement on life insurance -- no. 29. The distribution of ownership in the 200 largest nonfinancial corporations -- no. 30. Survey of shareholdings in 1,710 corporations with securities listed on a national securities exchange -- no. 31. Patents and free enterprise -- no. 32. Economic standards of government price control -- no. 33. Geographical differentials in prices of building materials -- no. 34. Control of unfair competitive practices through trade practice conference procedure of the Federal trade commission -- no. 35. Large-scale organization in the food industries -- no. 36. Reports of the Federal trade commission on natural gas and natural gas pipe lines in U.S.A.-- Agricultural implement and machinery inquiry. Motor vehicle industry inquiry -- no. 37. Saving, investment, and national income -- no. 38. A study of the construction and enforcement of the federal antitrust laws -- no. 39. Control of the petroleum industry by major oil companies -- no. 39A. Review and criticism on behalf of Standard Oil Co. (New Jersey) and Sun Oil Co. of Monograph no. 39 with rejoinder by monograph author -- no. 40. Regulation of economic activities in foreign countries -- no. 41. Price discrimination in steel -- no. 42. The basing point problem -- no. 43. The motion picture industry-- a pattern of control

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