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Fan Magazine Collection (1911-1963)

Fan magazines gave audiences a way to experience the magic of the movies beyond the theatre. The magazines also gave producers a way to promote their stars and coming films. You can observe a shifting in emphasis across the historical span of this collection. Whereas the volumes of Motion Picture Story Magazine (1913-1914) and the British Picture Stories Magazine (1913-1914) reproduced the stories of films, the fan magazines of the late-teens and beyond focused on the most important audience draw — the stars. Our own greatest draw in this collection is our extensive run of Photoplay, which showcases the influential magazine during its height in the 1920s and 1930s.

February 2012 Update: We are pleased to add one hundred magazine issues digitized by Bruce Long to our Fan Magazine Collection. Bruce Long’s collection includes issues of some of the best known early fan magazines, such as Photoplay, as well as rarer titles that cover theatre and other forms of popular culture in addition to movies. Bruce Long utilized many of these magazines, which include Broadway Brevities, Pantomime, and Captain Billy’s Whiz Bang, in the production of his own fanzine, Taylorology.

July 2012 Update: We are pleased to present a near-complete digital edition of 25 years of Photoplay — the most important fan magazine of the Golden Age of Hollywood. Scanned from the original color magazines, the MHDL’s collection of Photoplay begins in 1914 and extends through 1940. Our digital edition of Photoplay is the cumulative result of three years of coordination and digitization — with 24 volumes going online just this month. Thank you to the collections that provided copies for scanning: Karl Thiede, Bruce Long, the Museum of Modern Art Library and the Pacific Film Archive Library and Film Study Center. Funders include Domitor, an anonymous donor (in memory of Carolyn Hauer), Richard Scheckman, and David Sorochty.

Extensive Runs

Hollywood (1934-1943)

Modern Screen (1930-1960)

Motion Picture [Magazine] (1914-1941)

The New Movie Magazine (1929-1935)

Photoplay (1914-1943)

Picture-Play Magazine (1915-1938)

Radio Mirror (1934-1963)

Screenland (1920-1960)

Silver Screen (1930-1940)

Select Holdings of Other Fan Magazines

Broadway Brevities (1921-1922)

Cap’n Joey’s Jazza-Ka-Jazza (1922)

Captain Billy’s Whiz Bang (1920-1922)

Cinema (Hollywood) (1947)

Cinema Art (1926)

Filmplay (1921-1922)

Film Fun (1916-1926)

Film Lovers’ Annual (1932-34)

Film Players Herald and Movie Pictorial (1916)

Film Truth (1920)

Gloom Book (1922)

Hollywood Low Down (1935-1938)

Hollywood Now (1937)

Hot Dog: Regular Fellows Monthly (1921-1922)

Jack Dinsmore’s Joy Book (1922)

Jim Jam Jems (1921-1922)

Magazine Articles on the William Desmond Taylor Murder (circa 1930-1960)

The Magazine of Fun (1922)

Morning Telegraph (Hollywood column) (1922-1923)

Mid-Week Pictorial (1922)

Motion Picture Classic (1916-1927)

Motion Picture Story Magazine (1911-1914)

Movie Action Magazine (1935-1936)

Movie Classic (1931-1937)

Movie Pictorial (1914-1915)

Movie Weekly (1922)

National Police Gazette (1922)

New Zealand Theatre & Motion Picture (1922)

Pantomime (1921-1922)

The Photodramatist, also known as The Story World and Photodramatist (1921-1923)

The Photoplayers Weekly (1914-1917)

The Photo-Play Journal (1916-1921)

Photo-Play World (1918-1919)

The Photo-Play Review (1915)

Pictures and the Picturegoer (1915-1937)

Picture Show (1920-1921)

Picture Stories Magazine (1914-1915)

The Quirt (1921)

Screen Mirror (1930-31)

Shadowland (1919-1923)

Silverscreen (1922)

Stars and Films of 1937

The Tatler (1919-1922)

Top Secret (1954)

Town Topics (1922)

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